“My goal is to create an environment of acceptance, happiness and a little bit of danger, but in a good way. KLA$$ KULTURE® is designed for the badasses who keep it kla$$y always, not giving a single fuck about anyone else’s opinion. Together, Klass, with the help of our consumers will create an empire that will change the fashion industry and the public’s perception of fashion. For the misunderstood teenagers that fight with their parents every morning because they will never be understood, for the individuals who spent their last 30$ on an 8th instead of anything else, for the kids who think their mental issues don’t matter, for my heartbroken babies who got cheated on, for my stoners, my drinkers, and my no-fucks givers, this shit is for you. We will create a fucking Kulture. Please remember you matter, you are loved, and you are SO FUCKIN KLA$$Y”



Founder of KLA$$ KULTURE®